Matt James

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Matt James is an Australian singer-songwriter. He was discovered by The ABC Australia and American record producer Ken Caillat. Matt James is a self managing or;/ "Indie" Artist since 2020 gaining recognition in 27 countries around the world and soon established himself as a motivational icon for young adults.

With songs like " I don't mind " visually representing comfort in one night stands or " Change " which is about the bad taste in your mouth when you see a war breaking out right in front of you through media.

" If there's anything you should believe in, you should believe in yourself "

Said Matt James, Softly gazing into the distance at the City from his Hamilton apartment with his guitar in one hand and a nip of rum in the other.

" I don't let anyone tell me what to do, if I want it, I'll go and get it. "

Said Matt