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Matt James

is an Australian singer-songwriter and producer. Born in Sydney, Matt grew up with and was inspired by the talent and outsider status of artists such as David Bowie and Led Zeppelin.

By the age of 10 Matt had picked up his first guitar, playing and practicing daily as he obsessed over the intricacies of why certain notes and chords sound the way they do.

In Matt's teens his tastes had progressed to alternative rock, indie and roots. At 18, he was gifted his first Gibson Les Paul. Since then, accompanied by his trusty Marshall amp, he has refused to let his talents go to waste. Matt continues to write songs daily, sourced from his own life and experiences.

"There's been times where I can't do something or face a certain situation without writing a song about it first," says Matt.

"Sometimes I couldn't do anything without needing to play a song"

He says. "I'm sure I'm not alone in saying that music is a support system."

In recent years, after already having his music available for streaming, including being heard in nearly 30 countries and hitting the Top 50 for most viewed Australian artists on YouTube, as well as collaborating with other artists and producers - including the attention of Ken Caillat, producer and engineer of Fleetwood Mac's most iconic albums - Matt has composed his first EP, Solidarity.

"Solidarity sounds sometimes sexy, sometimes heartbreaking," says Matt.

"Ultimately it sounds like the feeling you get when you're a bit tipsy in a nice bar with good music and you've found a nice couch to sit and chill," he laughs.

Years later having written an Album titled change, Matt became recognized by local broadcasting networks and producers such as the ABC and Ken Caillat, the producer for Fleetwood Mac.

Matt James went on to promote and growing his career as a solo artist and gained popularity in 28 countries around the world hitting the top 50 for most viewed artists in Australia.

Matt is currently planning live dates for the Solidarity EP.