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Please allow for up to 24~48 hours for tracking numbers to be input on the system.
If you are unsure of anything regarding to your order, please contact support.

To Ensure the safety of others there may be some delays, shipping times are 12~15 days. Please allow for up to 21 days to receive your item(s)

You can follow exactly where your package is by inserting your item tracking code here!


If items are not received contact our 24/7 support team at mattjames.store@gmail.com

How to contacting customer support

Please carefully read all sections of the Shipping Policy page for answers to common questions

related to your order(s).
For additional support, please contact us directly on the following email address


The Shipping Policy ensures customers are aware of our fee's, agreements and refunds terms and conditions.
By making a purchase you agree to the agreements, terms and conditions as outlined in this Shipping Policy.

Shipping Policy

- Once your purchase has been made a confirmation email will be sent to the email address you provided
containing your invoice and reference number.
Once your order begins it's journey, a carrier consignment number will be automatically sent to the
email address or phone number provided for the order

Shipping costs are subject to change depending on the current market.

- Items will be sent to your billing address provided by Shopify
therefore your shipping and billing address must be the same.
If you would like to ship your order to another address
Please ensure all your details are correct and up to date.

Insurance ( optional )

- Under product Insurance
Missing, Damaged or Delayed items may be eligible for a fully refunded compensation
Please see Refund Policy

- Return to sender; In the event that your order is returned due to incorrect address information or a parcel is unclaimed
Re-post postage will be requested prior to re-dispatch.
The customer therefore agree's to pay the fee's charged for returning the parcel to sender.
For any returned postage/fee's charged due to the above reasons, returned postage/fee's will also be requested prior to re-dispatch.
Fee's may be periodically subject to change.

Please be aware that once your order has been placed, no amendments can be made.
Cancellations during transit are non-refundable as we are not able to make changes during this time.
For Pre-Orders, please contact support for more information.

All product prices and payments are made in USD dollar currency.
The following payment methods are acceptable; Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Shop Pay, Paypal, Apple Pay, Google Pay and more
for more payment method options contact support.

Questions & Answers:

Q) My item hasn't arrived yet, what can I do?
A) We will immediately investigate the issue and send out a follow up email with a solution plan.
if the item was not delivered and is assumed missing, you may be eligible for compensation
This will depend on whether you were covered by insurance or not.

We will generally follow up with the delivery tracking code along with an (ETA) Estimated Time of Arrival.

Q) What is ATL?
A) An ATL (Authority to Leave) is given in the event of the receiver not being home to sign for the consignment.
It allows for your package to be left without obtaining a signature.

If you “give authority to leave”, we understand that the parcel’s safety is your own responsibility.
Please note, when you have selected the ATL option, your package is no longer covered by Insurance.

Q) I received my delivery but my package was damaged, can I be reimbursed?
A) Yes, we offer our customers automatic insurance cover of up to $1,000 AUD per consignment with an excess of $100 AUD
per claim. You also have the option to add additional insurance if required.

No, if there is a breach of the Terms of service outlined, you may not be reimbursed for damaged or lost goods.

Q) What is NOT covered by Insurance?
A) Wilful misconduct by the insured
Water damage
Wear and tear
Ordinary loss in weight or volume
Loss as a result of delay and inherent vice or nature of the goods
Consequential loss or theft

Q) Is there a timeframe for lodgement of claims?
A) Yes, You have 30 days from the anticipated arrival date to lodge domestic claims for loss.
Domestic claims for damages must be reported within 30 days of delivery.

When emailing requests for refund please send email titled " Request of Refund " to mattjames.store@gmail.com
In order for smoother investigations and refunds, if required.

For the convenience of our customers we will ship orders from our China, Thailand or Australian warehouses
to reduce the cost of delivery however due to daily trade, shipping costs may fluctuated day to day.
The lenght of time it takes for delivery depends on your location and carrier service.
Depending on the region of delivery, customs and VAT taxes may apply.

Any additional costs that may incur due to customs clearance is the responsibility of the buyer only.
We take into account the possible prices of customs duty and taxes by lowering our products prices.
However it is the sole discretion of the customs agent to release your package.

For more information please contact customer support at mattjames.store@gmail.com